2289 - Intermediate Microeconomics 2
Course information
Intermediate Microeconomics 2
Course number
Academic year
History and Social Sciences
BSc in Economics and Management
Pass grade in Mathematics B at the upper secondary level. Skills and knowledge from or equivalent to those taught in the courses Principles of Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics 1, Mathematics 1 and Mathematics 2 is an advantage.
Language of instruction
The course is taught in Faroese. Instructional materials are in English, Faroese and Scandinavian languages. Lectures, exercises etc. are in Faroese.
Students on the fourth semester of Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration are automatically enrolled. Applicants for an individual course or optional subject apply via the Faculty of History and Social Sciences Office.
Beginning date
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
End date
Thursday, June 1, 2023
Academic content
The purpose of the course is to acquire the skills to read and understand economic journal papers and to use microeconomic theory and method when analysing questions in the field of economics.
Learning outcomes
After successfully compeleting the course, the student should be able to: • Analyse monopoly behaviour • Analyse strategic interaction with ‘normal form games’ and to find Nash-equilibria • Analyse strategis interaction with ‘strategic form games’) and find subgame perfect equilibria • Analyse firm behaviour in markets with oligopolistic competition using the models of Cournot, Bertrand ella Stackelberg • Analyse consumer and producer behaviour under uncertainty • Analyse consumer and producer behaviour, and market equilibria in factor markets • Analyse how externalities impact consumer and producer behaviour, and when and how government can mitigate market inefficiencies stemming from externalities • Analyse challenges with respect to production and use of public goods Analyse market situations with asymmetric information – including ‘hidden action’ and ‘hidden characteristics’ problems in markets
This course analyses formal, mathematical models of microeconomic questions. The course emphasises independent problem-solving of microeconomic questions. While the course Intermediate Microeconomics 1 consisted of a basic treatment of economic models with perfect competiton, Intermediate Microeconomics 2 widens and nuances this treatment by analysing market failures stemming from market power, strategic interaction, externalities, public goods, or asymmetric information which by construction are excluded from models with perfect competition, and what can be done about these market failures. The analysis is based on the theoretical concepts and the mathematical models, that are presented in the course.
Learning and teaching approaches
The material is presented in weekly lectures and tutorials. In the tutorials, the students present their solutions to assigned exercises.
Assessment method
Three hours written exam without the aid of textbooks and notes. Students are required to pass a minimum of two assignments in order to attend the exam.
Examination (internal/external)
Grading scale
Exam date/dates
The written exam is set for 12 June 2023.
Deadline for withdrawal from exam
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Academic responsibility and teachers
Academic responsibility
Hans Ellefsen
Regin Djurhuus Hammer