8931 - Clinical nursing care to elderly people and people with chronic healthcare conditions I
Course information
Clinical nursing care to elderly people and people with chronic healthcare conditions I
Course number
Academic year
Deildin fyri Heilsu- og Sjúkrarøktarvísindi
BSC in Nursing
The student must have passed the Drug dosage calculation course
Language of instruction
The course is taught in Faroese. Instructional materials are mainly in Danish, as well as in English and other Scandinavian languages. Lectures, group work, discussions etc. are in Faroese.
Students on the fourth semester of Bachelor of Science in Nursing are automatically enrolled.
Beginning date
Monday, April 1, 2024
End date
Friday, May 10, 2024
Academic content
For students to develop skills and competences in providing nursing for older people and people with chronic conditions. For students to understand health promoting, preventative, as well as therapeutic, rehabilitating and palliative nursing for older people and people with chronic conditions. For students to acquire the competences to cooperate with residents in care homes/people in their own homes, next of kin, colleagues and other groups of practitioners.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the module can demonstrate the ability to: • Use the nursing process to identify needs, prepare a care plan and provide nursing in accordance with that plan • Demonstrate skills in documenting nursing by applying the documentation tools in use at the clinical placement • Explain health promoting, preventive, rehabilitating and palliative nursing for residents • Argue professionally for the nursing care provided drawing on the most up-to-date knowledge • Show respect for individual residents and their environment • Show closeness in the relationship with residents • Communicate professionally with residents and next of kin taking into account their needs and circumstances • Reflect on cooperation with next of kin • Reflect on and administer medication to older people • Reflect on ethical situations related to residents • Communicate life stories to colleagues based on interviews with residents/next of kin • Explain multidisciplinary cooperation around treatment and care for residents • Cooperate within and across professional disciplines • Demonstrate responsibility for their own learning and the ability to collaborate with teachers and fellow students
Clinical teaching takes place over 6 weeks. Nursing for older people and/or people with chronic conditions in residential care. Nursing that supports physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.
Learning and teaching approaches
Clinical teaching is organised as collaborative study in a residential home. Collaborative study: that students take part in and perform nursing interventions together with a nurse. Students have the opportunity to observe, describe and analyse nursing questions and provide nursing care to selected residents.
Assessment method
Attainment level assessment. At the end of the period, each student is assessed in relation to the learning outcomes for the clinical teaching period. This assessment is equivalent to an internal clinical examination.
Examination (internal/external)
Grading scale
Exam date/dates
The assessment will be made on 10 May 2024.
Deadline for withdrawal from exam
Monday, April 1, 2024
Academic responsibility and teachers
Academic responsibility
Maria Súsanna Hammer Olsen
Sunrit Niklasdóttir, Sára Skylv Reinert